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Making Trellises and Fences an Integral Part of Your Garden Design

Gardeners shouldn’t just think of fences and trellises as a bland, utilitarian way of separating your neighbour’s property from your own – they can be used in a variety of imaginative ways to brighten up your garden. Here Compass Garden and Landscape Design, experts in garden maintenance and design in Somerset and across the south-west of England, highlight five of their most cost-effective uses of fencing and trellis.

Use Them to Create Garden Zones

Fences can be used to create different themed areas within your garden, each with its own distinct character. For example, sandpits and swings can be housed in an area specially for your children and a fenced-off wildlife-themed zone could be sown with a wildflower mix to encourage birds and insects to thrive, while not detracting from the more formal flower beds in the rest of your garden.

You can also use internal fencing to hide anything unsightly from view, such as compost heaps or garden waste bins. If you seek some extra privacy, consider adding some trellis panels on top of existing fencework.

Use Trailing and Climbing Plants

A number of trailing plants will quite happily grow up your fences – and, in the case of trellises, through them. If you want to add lots of scent and colour to your garden, then clematis, jasmine and honeysuckle are the best ones to consider. Wisteria, roses and climbing hydrangeas are also suitable for growing up against the panels with some artificial support. However, these can quickly grow to a great height so remember to prune them regularly.

Hang Items on It

Fences and trellises can accommodate lots of items, not just plants. Hanging a mirror onto a fence will create some interesting perspectives, as well as making a small garden look much larger. Coloured glass jars or plant pots will also help brighten them up.

If your fence forms part of an outdoor dining area such as a patio, then why not attach some kitchen utensils to the panels? You can also fix lightweight LED lamps, festoon lights or solar lanterns to the fencing, so you can continue to enjoy your garden even when it gets dark

Paint Them in Different Colours

It’s important to keep your wooden panels in good condition – and you don’t have to use a regular brown varnish to do this. You can paint your trellis or fence panels in a variety of different colours, depending on what mood you want to achieve.

Studies have shown that pastel shades of green or blue have a calming effect, if you want to use your garden primarily as somewhere to relax in. Alternatively, you could alternate between light and dark colours to create a contrast – the choice is yours.

Create a Rustic Look

If you don’t want to use conventional lap fencing, consider using willow panels instead. These will give your garden a more rustic look and may be more resistant to weather damage as the wind can blow through the gaps. Willow fencing is also light, so you can also use it on top of other panels for extra privacy.

Garden Maintenance from Compass Garden and Landscape Design

Whatever type of trellis or fencing you want, Compass Garden and Landscape Design can help. We will include them in a full plan, with 3D drawings if required. All our installation work is carried out by our network of tried and trusted local contractors.

We can also offer advice on how to keep your fences and trellises in good condition as part of the garden maintenance service we offer in Somerset, Wiltshire and into parts of Wales. If you need any advice on what types of shrubs, trees and flowers are most likely to flourish in your garden, then we also have a comprehensive planting consultancy service.

If you would like to know more about our services, call us on 07920 051549 or follow this link and fill in the online form.