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Design Process

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Stage 1: Consultation

Our process starts with a visit to your home to see your garden and discuss your hopes and aspirations. We will take note of any specific requirements, whether aesthetic or practical, and identify any design challenges e.g. a sloping site or tricky access. We will then return to the office and create a ‘Design Proposal’ which will summarise your brief and lay out the design process and associated fees.

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Stage 2: Site Survey & Concept Design

We will return to the site and carry out a full topographical survey which will be presented as a stand-alone document for your records. Using the survey data, we will create a range of concept images for your new garden both in 2D and 3D visualisations. The focus will be on identifying an overall layout for the new garden rather than too many specifics at this point. Moodboards are used to add insight and inspiration to the concepts.

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Stage 3: Formal Design

Having discussed the concept models a full outline plan will then be developed, and we will dive into the specifics of material palettes and the exact nature of new features such as water features, garden lighting etc. Planting will be discussed in general terms and further 3D imagery will be used to give a realistic picture of how the garden will look.

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Stage 4: The Technical Part

Contractors will require a detailed collection of documents in order to bring our vision to life exactly as we intend it. These include construction details, cross-sections, setting-out diagrams and a full written specification. We liaise with landscapers, electricians and structural engineers at this stage to fully ensure the success of the build.

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Stage 5: The Planting Plan

We will discuss your likes, and dislikes, for the planting palette whilst establishing the level of maintenance that the garden will receive after planting. Using our detailed horticultural knowledge, we will then take into account the garden conditions (e.g. soil pH, aspect, exposure to winds and soil quality) to create a planting plan with plants designed to thrive in the conditions. Photos of all suggested plants are shown using moodboards.

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Stage 6: Arranging the build

We work with a large number of trusted landscapers and are delighted to be part of a successful partnership: The Landscape Consultancy (SW) Limited, which arranges landscaping and project management on behalf of domestic and commercial clients. We will advise you from the very start of the process on costs and budget and will also offer Project Management services when the build is underway. It is essential to us that our designs come to fruition in the most spectacular way!

Beautiful garden design