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Key Advantages of a Hillside Terraced Garden

Terraces are one of the real growth areas of landscaped gardens – in more senses than one. They allow gardeners to bring previously unused areas to life, making them suitable for a range of plants and shrubs.

Here Compass Garden and Landscape Design, who offer a bespoke gardening service in Bristol, Bath and across South-West England, explain how a terrace can get over the problem of slopes and hills, and some of the other key advantages they offer.

They Open Up a Garden

The problem with gardens with slopes is that they create a problem of runoff. Rainfall won’t be retained at the top of the slope but will roll naturally to the bottom, which means part of your soil will get too much moisture and part of it virtually nothing at all. So effectively all of it is a no-go zone for plants. However, it does mean that your garden and the surrounding area is also less likely to flood.

They Extend Your Living Space

Creating the environment for plants to flourish means you are getting much more use of your outdoor space. Effectively what you are doing is increasing the size of your house by extending the indoors into your garden.

This particularly applies if you like to spend time relaxing outside during the summer months. Creating a terraced garden also brings none of the upheaval involved compared to having an extension built or some internal renovations done because you can still keep living indoors with no disruptions.

It also means your house becomes a much more attractive proposition to buyers, should you ever decide to sell because estate agents are always looking for a unique selling point.

The Can Look Good in Themselves

Terraced gardens bring added points of interest to the garden. You can create different levels by using railway sleepers, decking and other types of treated wood. However, some of these might be best avoided if there’s going to be a lot of skin contact, because some people might be allergic to the oil and tar used to treat the wood. You also need to be careful if you are planting fruit and vegetables, as the chemicals can leach into the soil and contaminate your produce.

You can also use concrete, brick and paving slabs (particularly if you want steps) for your terrace. You can also use rocks or large stones for a more natural or rural look – a form of rockery where the terrace is less distinctive.

You Can Create Distinct Areas

Once you have decided on the format you can create distinct areas – such as a space for entertaining close to the house. The major flower beds might be better at a mid-level or slightly further away. When it comes to plant choice, remember to mix and match. You don’t, for instance, necessarily want all your summer-flowering plants on one level and your winter ones on another, otherwise you’ll just have bare patches.

A children’s play area or a vegetable patch should ideally be located at the furthest extremities of the garden, where how they look won’t be so much of an issue.

Compass Garden and Landscape Design – a Bespoke Gardening Service in Bristol

Hillside terraced gardens are one of the areas of expertise of Compass Garden and Landscape Design, and we can spare you a lot of the hard labour should you choose one for your garden.

We will have an initial meeting with you to discuss your own needs and ideas, before drawing up an initial sketch plan. After we have discussed this with you, we’ll produce a full garden design (in 3D if necessary) and put you in touch with our approved contractors to carry out the work.

And, as part of our soft landscaping services, which are also offered to customers in the Cotswolds and across South-West England, we can also help you with the choice of plants in your new creation. This is because we know what types go well together, and will take into account your soil type, climate and amount of sun and shade they are likely to get. And, we can usually source these at a more competitive price than you will be able to buy them yourself.

If you’d like to know more about any of our services, follow this link and fill in the online form. Alternatively, you call us directly on 07920 051549.