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How to prepare your garden for winter in Bristol

Bristol has a relatively mild climate, but that doesn’t mean that your garden doesn’t need some preparation for the winter months. By taking some simple steps now, you can help to protect your plants and ensure that your garden is in good condition when spring arrives.

Here are some tips on how to prepare your garden for winter in Bristol:

  • Tidy up your borders. Remove any dead or dying plants, and cut back any perennials that have finished flowering. This will help to prevent the spread of pests and diseases.
  • Mulch around your plants. A layer of mulch will help to insulate the roots of your plants and protect them from the cold weather. You can use bark chippings, compost, or even shredded leaves as mulch.
  • Water your plants deeply. This will help to encourage the roots to grow deeper, making them more resistant to frost. Water your plants in the morning so that they have time to dry out before nightfall.
  • Protect tender plants. If you have any tender plants, such as fuchsias or geraniums, you may need to bring them indoors for the winter. Alternatively, you can wrap them in frost protection fleece or place them in a greenhouse or cold frame.
  • Clean and store your garden tools. Clean your garden tools thoroughly and store them in a dry place. This will help to prevent them from rusting or corroding.

Be aware of the Bristol climate. Bristol has a mild climate, but it can still experience cold weather in the winter. Be prepared for frosts, heavy rain, and strong winds.

Consider planting winter-flowering plants. There are a number of plants that flower in the winter, such as hellebores, snowdrops, and winter aconites. Planting these plants will add color and interest to your garden during the winter months.

Attract wildlife to your garden. Winter can be a difficult time for wildlife, so it’s important to provide them with food and shelter. You can do this by planting winter-flowering plants, leaving some areas of your garden wild, and putting out bird feeders and water baths.

By following these tips, you can help to prepare your garden for the winter months and ensure that it is in good condition when spring arrives.

If you need help preparing your garden for winter, contact Compass Garden Design today. We offer a free consultation service and can help you to create a winter garden that is both beautiful and resilient.

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