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Top 5 Garden Design Trends for 2023

Five Top Gardening Themes for 2023

The pandemic has revolutionised how people in the UK see their gardens – not just as a chore to look after, but as a valuable outdoor space which gives them the chance to unwind and relax. Figures from mental health charity MIND indicate that over seven million people have been spending more time in their gardens in the last couple of years.

But what will the gardens of 2023 look like? Here, Compass Garden and Landscape Design identifies some of the key trends which lie ahead over the next 12 months; and how we, who offer a bespoke gardening service in Somerset and across the South-West of England, can help if you want to refresh your outdoor space.

Going Greek

Wetter winters and drier summers are one of the by-products of climate change; and this year the UK saw temperatures reach 40C in the height of the July heatwave. This means more gardeners are looking for drought-tolerant plants which can also cope with plenty of rain.

TV gardener Monty Don has helped popularise the trend of Mediterranean gardens, which looks likely to continue into 2023. When redesigning his own dry garden, he looked to Greece for inspiration (he visited a few gardens in the country before starting work in his own).

If you do want to recreate this look, then you should use herbal plants such as rosemary, lavender and thyme, and cypress trees; it may also be possible (depending on where you live and the space you have available) to grow palms as well.

To complete the look, you should consider incorporating certain hard landscaping features into your garden, such as marble columns, natural stone walls, plenty of gravel and – to go fully Greek – a courtyard.

Getting Water-Wise

The extremely hot temperatures we had in July means that everyone is having to rethink their garden strategy, and not just by using drought-tolerant plants. Water butts are tried and tested ways of making sure you do make full use any rain that does fall; they may not be the most aesthetically pleasing feature, but you can buy some which double up as planters or fountains.

Increasing tree cover and shade may help some of your less drought-tolerant plants avoid the worst effects of any heatwave – the National Trust is already doing this in many of its public gardens.

Peat’s Out

The Government has announced a ban on the sale of peat-based composts to all amateur gardeners, to take effect by 2024. This isn’t because the peat harms plants, but because when it has been extracted from its natural habitat (to be ‘bagged up’ for commercial sale), carbon is released. This contributes to global warming; it also degrades the original peatland. Habitats for species such as swallowtail butterflies, hen harriers and short-eared owls all suffer when peat is removed.

This means gardeners are now looking for peat-free composts and growing bags, ahead of the ban. Some products are advertised as environmentally friendly, but these aren’t necessarily peat free, warn the Royal Horticultural Society. The ‘greener’ way of improving your soil is to use natural products such as bark or wood chop-based mulches; alternatively, you can create your own compost.

The Future’s Orange

Terracotta pots and containers are a key feature of Mediterranean gardens; however, their deep orange colour is a timeless classic, so they can look good in any type of garden. For added interest, try putting your plants in something with a scalloped edge.

And terracotta isn’t just for the containers – this year vivid orange is expected to be one of the go-to plant colours. So, expect to see plenty of bright dahlias in flower beds in 2023; the species ‘Sword Dance’, ‘After Dusk’ and ‘Brown Sugar’ are all good ones to try. As experts in planting design in Bath, Bristol and across the south-west of England, we should be able to help you source these at a very competitive price from local nurseries.

Add a Trellis or Two

More and more people are using their gardens as somewhere to unwind and relax – even with more people gradually returning to the office, the trend for hybrid working means many of us are still spending more time at home than we used to, before the pandemic.

In town gardens in particular, it’s likely that more people will be looking for that extra bit of privacy that fence panels and trellises can provide. Trellises are a useful decorative feature to install on top of any fence panel; put together they will also act as a wind break and help you get more use out of your outdoor space. The added protection they offer should mean you can carry on using your garden all year round, and not just in the warmer months.

Trellises have other uses too – they can also be used for trailing plants, or to hang lights from (particularly at Christmas).

Bespoke Gardening in Somerset from Compass Garden and Landscape Design

Whatever garden landscaping trends you want to follow in 2023 then Compass Garden and Landscape Design are the people to call if you live in the south-west of England. We will take your ideas on board – whether they are for trellises or terracotta pots, for mulch or Mediterranean gardens, or for something entirely different – and turn them into reality.

We really do provide a bespoke service as we can offer either:

  • an initial consultation and a written report
  • a survey and some concept sketches
  • work on a particular area of the garden
  • or a complete garden redesign.

If you would like to know more, contact us on 07920 051549 or follow this link and fill in the online form.

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