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Five Key Advantages of Using a Landscape Gardening Consultant

Garden landscaping consultants can help any homeowner elevate their outdoor space from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Here Compass Garden and Landscape Design, who provide planting design services in Wiltshire, Somerset and across South West England, highlight five key advantages of getting a professional in.

They Help Turn Your Dreams into Reality

Whatever vision you have for your garden, a professional should be able to help you achieve it. Whether it’s a sustainable, wildlife-friendly garden, or something with a theme (such as a Japanese Zen garden, a courtyard garden or a wildlife-friendly garden), an expert landscaper will come up with a clearly defined plan of action and a schedule for when it can be achieved.

They will also be able to provide advice on plant care and general maintenance so that all the hard work won’t be wasted in the months and years to come.

They Have Ideas of their Own

If your idea isn’t practical (such as for reasons of space, cost, or the prevailing climate), an expert will be able to suggest the best and closest possible alternatives. They will also be able to show how to disguise or work around awkward slopes, or patches of shade or wet and waterlogged areas. Alternatively, they may be able to come up with something completely different that you hadn’t thought about before but will work well in your outdoor space.

They Help You Enjoy Your Garden

A lot of the physical work can be taken out of your hands with an expert landscaper. This is because, at Compass, we can also recommend tried and trusted local tradesmen and women to carry out the work. This has the added benefit of removing a lot of the stress of working out or worrying about the budget and ensures that you will get the maximum use out of your available outdoor space all year round.

And expert consultants know which plants go best with others, from a colour perspective as well as a growing perspective. This means that your garden will not just look better, but will grow better too.

They Can Save You Money

They can recommend native species that will do well in your local soil and weather conditions. This will greatly help to reduce the amount of watering they will need over the course of a year, while at the same time minimizing the need for artificial assistance like fertilizers.

Compass’s planting consultancy, which is available to clients across Somerset, Wiltshire and the South West of England, are not just able to recommend plants and source them for you, but also find other items such as hard landscaping materials at a better price than you may be able to acquire them yourself.

They Can Make You Money

When your time comes to move, landscape gardening consultants are worth their weight in gold. This is because they will have given your house what estate agents like to call ‘kerb appeal’ – even if most of the advantages are around the back (that is, in the rear garden) rather than the front.

A professionally designed garden will let your property stand out and should encourage more buyers to come and view your property. Ultimately meaning that you can sell it for a higher asking price.

Planting Design in Wiltshire and the South West

Compass Garden and Landscape Design can help you with your planting design if you live in Wiltshire, Somerset or across the South West of England.

We carry out a full garden survey followed by a scale diagram and some concept sketches. We will then talk to you again before creating a full garden design (in 3D if needed). Once we’ve got your approval, we can then put you in touch with contractors.

If you would like to know more, call us on 07920 051549 (office) or 07920 051549 (mobile) or <a href=”/contact/”>follow this link</a> and complete the online contact form.