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Five Great Decking Ideas to Liven Up Your Garden

Decking can form the cornerstone of any garden, and is often used as the main hub of seating and relaxation. Its recent popularity can be traced back to TV shows like Ground Force, where Alan Titchmarsh and his team used it as the ‘open-plan kitchen’ of its day.

However, decking doesn’t have to be purely used as a pathway to the rest of the garden, or to cover up sloping areas which don’t get much sun or are difficult to grow anything in.

Compass Garden and Landscape Design have been providing garden ideas to customers in Wiltshire, Somerset, and across the South-West of England for several years. Here we have come up with five imaginative ways you can use decking to liven up the rest of your outdoor space.

Protection with a Pergola

Pergolas offer protection from the elements, particularly the rain. They also offer some welcome shade if your decking area gets a lot of sun. Ensuring that you will get the maximum use out of your decking throughout the year.

They can also be fitted with climbing plants and lights, meaning they don’t have to be purely functional. Using lots of trailing plants will give you the added benefit of a really private dining area.

Go for the Natural Look

You can create a more natural-looking, less angular deck with some overgrown planting. By using flowers that will complement the colour of your decking you will further blur the edges of your deck and the rest of your garden. You can also ‘build in’ spaces into your decking for trees and shrubs to grow in, as well as put pots and containers onto the surface.

At Compass, we also offer a planting consultancy service to our customers in Somerset, Wiltshire and across the South-West. So we will be able to advise you which plants will grow well in your garden’s soil and climate.

Think Tiers

Tiered decking, even if only used as a step or two up to your deck’s main level, always looks visually striking and modern. You can also use decking at different heights to signify a dedicated outdoor cooking area.

From a practical point of view, this is better than a patio because if you do drop any plates, they are less likely to break, and other accidents (such as spillages) are easier to clean.

Water Features

Decking doesn’t need to be all straight lines. You can use it to surround ponds, fountains and other water features. If you are particularly ambitious, you can use it as a base for a hot tub, but make sure you have access to the appropriate electricity supply. A semi-covered hot tub will work well all year round and is a good option in climates where swimming pools aren’t feasible because of the climate.

A Building Base

Decking provides the ideal foundation for a range of garden buildings, not just hot tubs. Although you may need a gravel base, you can put a summerhouse on top of decking to create your own private space at the bottom of the garden, somewhere more private to work, or for guests to stay.

You can also put other garden buildings on top of decking, such as a shed which can be stained in the same colour as the decking wood.

Garden Ideas from Compass Garden and Landscape Design

At Compass Garden and Landscape Design, we come up with stunning and practical garden ideas for customers in Wiltshire, Somerset and across the South West of England.

We can incorporate decking into your final garden design and will help you to source a competitively-priced deck. We also have a network of tried and trusted local contractors who will be able to install it for you. For more information, contact us via this link.