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Five Design Features to Give Your Garden Extra Appeal

If you’ve recently been inspired by a TV programme or something you’ve seen or read to rejuvenate your garden, now is the perfect time to implement those changes and give your plot an entirely new look because most of the plants will be coming to the end of their growing season.

Here at Compass Garden Design, who have many years of experience of landscape garden design in the South-West of England, here are some of the key features you can add to your garden, whether you are having a complete redesign or are just refreshing a space which looks a bit old and tired.

Follow the Right Path

A clearly-defined, durable pathway can help preserve more delicate parts of your garden, for example the lawn. It can also be a beguiling feature which promises to lead to somewhere special, ‘pulling’ you into the garden. The choice of building material is crucial in defining the nature of the path – herringbone brickwork gives the impression of a space where one should move; a gentle gravel or hoggin has a more relaxed feel which suggests one should take their time in this area. Warm, attractive lighting can also be used to lead the way or highlight key garden features (such as ponds or specimen trees) as you make your way through the space.

The Calming Effects of Water Features

Water features come in all shapes and sizes – from simple bird baths to cascading waterfalls or fountains. The sight and sound of running water can evoke the senses and create peace and tranquillity, as well as creating a beautiful focal point for any garden. Ponds stocked with fish and water-based plants are also a great way of attracting local wildlife to your garden. With water features your imagination is the only limiting factor – from ultra-modern sleek rills to the most natural-looking babbling brooks, anything is possible!

Give Your Garden a Lift with Decking or Terracing

Terracing and decking create a destination in the garden, whether a small circular patio for a morning cup of coffee, or an expansive multi-terraced hardwood deck with cooking area and large outdoor sofas. Both decking and terracing offer somewhere to use garden furniture to relax and put your feet up, or a place to eat or entertain in the warmer months. Exquisite lighting designs can elevate these spaces beyond expectations. We spend much time exploring material options for these spaces, working with stone and wood suppliers to offer a wide range of choices. The ultimate selection must provide an effective link between house and garden, as well as fulfil the garden theme that the brief has identified.

Be Bold with your Boundaries

Even your fences can be made into a feature – this is a great idea if space in your garden or outdoor space is limited. Bespoke fences with elements of steel or recessed lighting can be a focal point in their own right. Trellis work or vertical planting can be used to create walls of green, along with exterior mirrors this can give the illusion of a much larger space.

Fences can be used for more than existing boundaries – adding extra fences and hedges within your garden can help create different ‘rooms’ for example a children’s play area or secluded seating areas. This approach can be used to create interest and intrigue even in the smallest spaces.

…and Don’t Forget the Plants

Plants are a key element in any garden. We follow the principle of ‘Right Plant, Right Place’; studying the aspect and soil conditions in the garden during the survey phase enables us to work with the client’s preferences and produce majestic planting plans which are guaranteed for success.

At Compass Garden Design, our experts also offer a high-quality plant supply service – our extensive contacts within the industry means we can provide everything from small annuals to mature trees – all at a competitive price and at a guaranteed quality.

Our plant consultancy service means we can offer expert advice on what to grow and where, providing an overall plan and then arrange for your order to be delivered and planted.

Garden Design from Compass

At Compass Garden Design we carry out high-quality landscape design for customers across the south of England, including Bristol, Bath, Surrey and London. We work with trusted contractors to ensure the designs we work so hard on come to life to an exquisite standard.

Follow the link above, or call us on 07920 051549, if you would like to know more about our range of services, or to arrange a free initial consultation.