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Reasons to Call in Garden Maintenance Experts

Do you spend so much time looking after your garden that you never get a chance to sit back and enjoy it?

If garden maintenance is becoming daunting, it’s time to call in the experts. Compass Garden & Landscape Design provide gardening services tailored to you in Bradford on Avon, Bath, Bristol and the surrounding areas. Here we look at five good reasons to get help with gardening chores.

Saving You Time

We all lead busy lives today, and it is often hard to fit in all the work involved in keeping your garden looking good. If you seem to be spending every spare minute pruning, watering and mowing, the answer is to find someone to help with maintenance.

Perhaps your circumstances have changed and you have less time available than in the past, for instance if you are now spending a lot of time commuting to and from work, or have taken on a second job or course. Health issues can also make it harder and more time-consuming to do heavy work such as pushing wheelbarrows and weeding.

In this situation, it can make a big difference if you arrange for gardeners to carry out regular maintenance, taking away the worry of trying to keep on top of all the chores yourself. Our experts at Compass can also suggest ways of making your garden lower-maintenance in the future.

Thinking of a Redesign

Do you want to make changes to your garden, or even opt for a complete redesign, but don’t know where to start?

Perhaps you have just moved house and taken on an overgrown plot. Or perhaps your garden has gradually become cluttered or outdated, and you want a rethink.

Before deciding whether to redesign, it is helpful to have the garden cut back and tidied up, so you can see exactly what you have to work with. We can help with this before a design consultation.

We can also provide follow-up maintenance after your new garden design is completed, to preserve it as intended. This will keep hard landscaping elements like the patio and decking in good condition as well as your lawn and plants.

Coping with the British Weather

It can be tricky keeping your garden at its best all through the year, particularly when the British weather is so changeable. Already in 2019, there have been strong winds which have caused damage to many gardens. We are happy to provide fencing services either with traditional panels, featheredge or more bespoke designs.

During 2018, plants and flowers had to cope with the heavy snow brought in by the ‘Beast from the East’, followed by a prolonged summer heatwave.

Many of us only tend to spend a lot of time in our gardens during the warmer months, but they need attention during the colder times of year too. Regular visits from a gardener can ensure that piles of leaves are cleared away in autumn, and that delicate plants are protected from icy temperatures in winter.

Benefiting from Expert Knowledge

Gardening advice and help from an expert can help you to plan ahead and ensure your garden is kept in good condition. We will consider not only how the garden looks now, but also how to keep it in fine health over the coming weeks and months – scheduling the various chores at just the right time.

Expert help will also avoid the risk of you causing damage, for instance by over-pruning or planting at the wrong time, or choosing flowers and shrubs which won’t thrive in your soil. Another service offered by Compass is planting consultancy, if you would like us to draw up a planting plan and source the ideal plants for you.

Enjoying Your Garden

Probably the most important reason to call in a gardening expert, though, is to take away the worry of keeping on top of all your gardening jobs. With someone who can provide expert advice and take the more difficult chores off your hands, you can sit back in the sun or invite friends round for an al fresco meal, confident that your garden will be looking its best.

Garden Maintenance from Compass Garden & Landscape Design

At Compass, we offer an ongoing garden maintenance service, particularly following a re-design and build, so that we can help keep your garden looking as perfect as it was designed to.

Let us take away the worry of looking after your outdoor space, and make sure it looks good all the year round. Click here to contact us.