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Why Winter’s Ideal for Improving Your Garden Landscaping

Landscape gardeners can work all year round – they don’t just stop because the main growing season is over. While it’s true that there’s less demand for sowing and planting flowers, shrubs and trees, professional designers are still actively planning out some of the hard landscaping features, such as rockeries, decking, drives and pathways.

Compass Garden and Landscape Design offer a bespoke gardening service for customers in Besp Somerset and across the South West of England. Here are some key advantages of making sure your hard landscaping is in the best possible condition ahead of spring and summer.

There’s Less Disruption

This applies to yourself and to the animal kingdom. Any substantial landscaping project will involve a lot of noise, human traffic and building materials and machinery, which can effectively mean that your garden is ‘out of bounds’ for a short while. It’s much better this takes place in winter – assuming the weather is mild enough – as come the summer you will want to be outside enjoying your revitalised garden.

In winter, birds are not nesting, hedgehogs and other creatures are hibernating and bees and butterflies will be conspicuous by their absence as well. If you want your garden to be wildlife-friendly, it’s much better to carry out the heavy work now rather than disturbing the eco-system in the height of summer.

It’s A Chance to Build Some Strong Structures

If hard landscaping features need to be set in either cement or some form or mortar, it’s much better to do this if you get a reasonably dry or mild spell in winter – if it’s laid in summer, it can easily dry too quickly and be prone to cracking. In the warmer months you also may have to keep wetting the surface to ensure a nice even finish.

It Offers Valuable Preparation Time

Even if you can’t do much growing and planting in the garden, you can at least use the time fruitfully. Have a look at some gardening magazines for inspiration, so you know what your garden could look like in the middle of summer.

If you don’t want to plant anything now, take pictures of your garden as it looks in winter. This way your landscape gardener will be able to design an outdoor space which looks good all the year round, not just in summer.

You Can Still Plant

You can still have some soft landscaping work carried out in your garden. Trees and shrubs can be planted in the winter months (the Royal Horticultural Society says they can go into the soil any time between October and April). However, they do warn against planting in waterlogged or frozen soil.

At Compass Garden and Landscape Design, we offer a planting consultancy service for all our customers in Somerset, Wiltshire and further afield. We will be happy to recommend which plants and shrubs will do well in your soil and climate. We can also source the plants at a much more competitive price than may be available at local garden centres.

Bespoke Gardening in Wiltshire with Compass Garden and Landscape Design

At Compass Garden and Landscape Design, we provide a complete service that ensures your soft and hard landscaping works in harmony. If you are interested in giving your garden a whole new look, then contact us to arrange a consultation. We will then provide you with an initial outline of your new garden. Following further discussions, we will produce a full garden design and put you in touch with reputable contractors to carry out the work.

If you would like to know more about any of our services, follow this link and fill in the online form, or call us on 07920 051549.