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Why Hire a Garden Designer?

Are you considering a completely new look for your garden, but are unsure where to start? If so, calling in garden and landscape design specialists could give you the inspiration you need to create a beautiful outdoor space which will enhance your home.

Whatever your garden dreams, Compass Garden & Landscape Design can help to turn them into reality. We carry out high-quality projects in Bath, Bristol, and many other parts of the south of England. Here we look at some of the key reasons why hiring experts to redesign your garden is a good idea.

Reimagining Your Outdoor Space

There are many reasons why you might want to redesign your garden. Perhaps you are moving home, either to a new-build house where the garden is a blank canvas, or taking over a previously neglected patch.

On the other hand, you may just feel that your existing garden is not meeting your needs. Possibly it involves too much work and you would prefer a low-maintenance garden, or you might want more space to entertain friends and colleagues outdoors.

In any of these situations, an experienced garden designer can suggest how to use your space most effectively, and identify key features and areas of planting that will have the most impact. At Compass, we start by talking to you about your needs, so that we fully understand how you use your garden and what your priorities are for giving it a new look, as well as your preferred design styles, however formal or informal, and which types of materials you prefer.

Why Hire a Garden Designer?

Features to Include

It can be difficult to look at your garden with fresh eyes, and work out where is the best place to put the new features you are looking for, such as a patio, rockeries, water features, raised beds and decking.

Garden designers will work with you to suggest where all of these should go, to transform the space and effectively mean you can use it as an extension of your house – an ‘outdoor room’ which reflects your personal tastes.

You may wish to give your whole garden a particular theme or look, or you might prefer to divide it into separate, themed sections. For instance, your children could enjoy their own outdoor play area, which will help protect the plants in the rest of the garden from any damage.

Picking the Perfect Plants

Areas of planting are a key element in a garden’s design. Design specialists will be able to recommend plants which will enhance your garden and look amazing, possibly including varieties that are new to you. They will also know the perennials and shrubs that go well together, and can ensure you have colour all throughout the year.

When suggesting which plants to choose, a designer can also bear in mind what kinds of flowers and shrubs are likely to thrive in your garden, depending on factors such as soil, sun and shade – not to mention the changeable British weather!

An Investment for the Future

Calling in a design specialist to redesign your garden is an investment in your home. It will not only mean you and your family can enjoy being outdoors far more, but will also make your home more desirable should you consider moving in the future.

Compass’s Garden and Landscape Design Services

Compass is a leading garden design company that has carried out high quality work in Bath, Bradford on Avon, Bristol, Hampshire, London and Kent.

If you contact us to request a design, we will have an initial consultation with you, after which we draw up a series of concept sketches of your garden. We then discuss these concepts with you before drawing up a detailed plan, including 3D drawings of specific features if needed, before helping you to source quality, reputable contractors from our approved list to carry out the work.

At the end of it all you will have a garden perfectly suited to your needs and tastes.

Our planting consultancy service means we can draw up an overall plan, choose your plants and arrange for their delivery and planting. We also offer a garden maintenance service, which means we can tidy up your garden either on a one-off basis or for a couple of hours per month. Follow the link to find out more about our services.