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Top Design Ideas for Your Winter Garden

Winter may be thought of as a quieter time of year for most gardeners, but it can be the perfect time to recreate a garden space that embraces all seasons and can be enjoyed at any time of year. Winter exposes the bare bones of a garden, giving you an opportunity to make significant improvements.

Compass Garden & Landscape Design offer speciality garden design services in Bath, Bristol and across Wiltshire, Somerset and the South West and can help you transform your outdoor space.

Attract Local Wildlife

Creating a wildlife patch will mean pollinating insects, bird species and other forms of wildlife will be attracted to your garden. Mixed hedges and groups of native species will provide natural food and shelter. Try raking some leaves under shrubs to allow birds to forage for insect larvae, or leave some dry plant stems in the beds for insects.

Nesting boxes will attract small birds such as robins, wrens or pied wagtails who will use them as shelter. Make sure the box is sheltered from direct sunlight and high winds and is positioned out of reach of roaming cats and squirrels.

Add Structure to your Garden

While you are tucked up indoors by the fire, map out your new garden plan on paper and create a framework of screens, paths and focal points which will help define the spaces and points of interest that matter the most to you.

Consider plants, sculptures, wooden arches, gates, laid-out paths and towering hedges which are all a great source of inspiration when it comes to injecting personality and style into your garden design.

A framework of strategically-placed trellises can provide focal points and height, as well as seasonal interest. Alternatively, you could consider gravel or concrete paths, that help you move through your garden space, taking you off to different sections.

Create a Winter Flower Bed or Border

As we spend less time outdoors in the winter, position a winter flower bed where it can be seen from the comfort of your home, helping you enjoy the picture you have created.

This is an ideal time to plant from east to west to catch the best of the morning and afternoon sun, to light up sweet-smelling plants like daphnes. Evergreens such as holly also provide form all year round allowing you to paint your garden with multiple shades of green.

Shrubs and Trees for Winter Gardens

Fruit trees are an ideal choice for winter gardens because they will blossom well in the spring and hang onto fruits and berries for a long time. Choose shrubs and trees with multi-season interest, autumn foliage, winter stems and gleaming bark.

Hardy fruiting plants also carry the colours of winter with their bright berries in golds, oranges, reds, pinks and purples, which can hang like mini Christmas baubles or shining lanterns. Most berry-producing trees are easy to grow and can tolerate a range of soils and climate conditions, including frost, wind and drought.

Light up Your Garden Space

Turn your garden into a winter wonderland by adding a few splashes of light to illuminate plants with great shape or texture, using spotlights, or outdoor lamps. This will make your garden feel extra special in the winter months, when the nights draw in and you can look forward to seeing your plants all lit up.

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