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Outdoor Rooms – Designing Beautiful Garden Living Spaces

The trend to turn garden space into outdoor rooms is really catching on across the UK, with people wanting to spend more time relaxing outside, in comfort and style. One reason is that indoor space is often limited, especially in smaller modern homes. This means it is tempting to make the most of the garden and really regard it as an integral part of the home.

As a result, demand is growing for decking, terracing and patios to be included as central elements in a landscape garden design, creating a garden destination where you can relax and entertain. A patio or hardwood deck, with stylish seating, protection from sun and rain, and maybe an outdoor kitchen, will create a welcoming atmosphere. Adding patio lighting and heating should mean you can use the area long into the evening – and into the autumn and even winter.

Compass Garden Design has drawn up many beautiful landscape garden designs, often including terracing and decking, all around Wiltshire, Somerset and across the South West. If you are considering a new garden design, we will discuss your aspirations with you, and come up with a design to fit your lifestyle and personal taste.

Where to Put Your Terracing or Decking

The first question to answer is, where should your deck or patio go? One of the most important considerations is to choose somewhere that gets lots of sun at the right time of day. If you are at work in the day, you will be looking for an area that gets evening sunshine rather than shadows.

You may also want to pick an area with a striking view to admire, or that’s close to one of your garden’s best features – maybe near to an attractive tree, pond or fountain. It’s also best to choose an area that’s private and not overlooked. However, if the best spot for siting your patio or terrace is rather too close to a neighbour’s property, we can suggest imaginative methods of screening, ranging from hedges and walls to a trellis with climbing plants.

As the outdoor room trend grows, many people like to site their garden terracing as close as possible to the house, so that you walk straight out of the kitchen and on to the patio. If the tiles or deck are on the same level as your home’s floor, it gives a seamless effect, so that it is easy to move out and eat outdoors whenever the weather is suitable. Building a path from the house to the patio area can also create an effective link and help to make it feel like a real part of the home.

Entertaining and Eating Outside

Enhancing your new terraced area with patio lighting and heating will mean you can use it in the evenings and during the cooler months of the year. Many attractive garden lights are now available, and will help to transform your outdoor space, creating exquisite effects. Lighting can also make nearby garden water features look spectacular. Chimineas and fire pits are popular options for heating, because they look decorative and are also practical.

Instead of heading out to the pub, why not enjoy an al fresco cocktail on your home turf, or decking? Barbecues are of course a sunny evening favourite for many families across the UK. But, increasingly, many garden designs are going beyond the simple barbecue, and including outdoor kitchens and bar areas.

Covering the area will help to make it far more versatile, and canopies, pergolas or retractable covers, some of which protect from rain as well as sun and wind, are increasingly in vogue. You may also wish to consider waterproof covers for your garden furniture and fittings.

Matching Your Home and Garden’s Style

To help complete the look and feel of your outdoor room, you may wish to choose materials which echo the design of the house. For instance, traditional stone goes well with an older property, while sawn limestone looks good in a contemporary setting. Coloured paving stones can also bring added warmth to the design. Decking could be stained dark or light, with lighter shades creating a spacious impression in a smaller garden.

Garden furniture can also be chosen in shades and styles to suit your personal taste and the look of your home. Outdoor sofas are increasingly popular, helping to make you feel relaxed outdoors, while glass-topped tables and Scandinavian-style garden chairs can give a cutting-edge, contemporary feel. Patio plants, trellises and pots will all add to your chosen look as well, and you can decide on furnishings and flowers which will echo each other’s colours.

Compass Garden Design

At Compass Garden & Landscape Design, we are experts at including patios and decks in garden designs, and we work with suppliers of decking and patio stones to offer a range of appealing options. We offer our landscape garden design services in Wiltshire, Somerset, Weston Super Mare and across the South West. For more information, contact us via this link.