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Leatherjackets Destroying Your Lawn?

Whether you are trying to create a natural, wildlife-friendly lawn or a lush patch of grass, turfed areas can be decimated by the presence of leatherjackets. These grey-brown tubular creatures are the larvae of craneflies (aka Daddy Longlegs) and a number of these species can cause damage by feeding on the roots of grass which will cause lawns to turn yellowish-brown or die. In addition,  birds such as crows, magpies, rooks and starlings will search for leatherjackets in the turf, leaving unsightly holes.

There are currently no chemical controls available for leatherjackets so the most effective method for control of this issue is a biological control using pathogenic nematodes. These tiny creatures require cooler soil conditions so are effective in September/early October and can be applied easily and quickly via watering can or using a specific nematode hose-attachment.

At Compass Garden and Landscape Design we have used ‘Nemasys’ Leatherjacket Killer which can be ordered to treat lawns up to 500m2 in size. It is most effective to make use of the product as soon as it arrives so plan accordingly – the Nematodes can also be kept in the fridge for a few days prior to use – read the packet instructions carefully! We have used this product successfully in gardens throughout Wiltshire, Bath, Bristol, Hampshire, Surrey and London.

Nemasys Leatherjacket killer can be purchased here.