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How to Inject Style and Personality into Your Garden Design

A well thought out garden design and landscape can be transformative, not just for your home, but also in terms of your lifestyle too. If you want your garden to feel like it has a sense of purpose and reflects your own unique style and personality, then read on to find out how best to approach your new garden project.

At Compass Garden & Landscape Design we offer a garden design and planting consultancy service in historic cities like Bath and Bristol, as well as larger gardens across Wiltshire, Somerset and the South West. We can help you transform your garden, so it is reflective of your style and personality, from helping you decide which colour plants and shrubs to use, to advising on garden outbuildings, ponds and other external features for your perfect garden setting.

The size, shape and location of your garden can play a major role in determining the best design for you. For instance, small gardens will require minimal garden solutions to make the most of the space available, while medium-sized gardens provide more scope in terms of having your own summerhouse, sheds or outbuilding.

Using Plants as Design Elements

Start by injecting some life into your garden by planting your favourite shrubs, flowers or trees. If you are a very colourful person, then be as adventurous as you like when it comes to mixing cools and hot garden colours together, such as reds, oranges, yellows, blues, greens and violets, to create a tropical paradise. We would advise on planting a combination of traditional bluebells, evergreen, cornflowers, violets, sweet peas, Japanese cherry blossom trees and dahlias, to give your garden an eccentric makeover.

Or, if you like to keep things simple then consider instead, sticking to more neutral colours including whites and greens. Popular white flowers such as spring bulbs, snowdrops, narcissi and crocuses, summer lilies and shrubs like magnolias and wisteria can help you create that contemporary garden feel.

Using plants is a great way to create borders, garden sections and pathways that can determine the layout of your garden. If you like the idea of having hidden sections in your garden for extra privacy, then you may want to consider using larger plants, such as cherry trees, to create an archway that can frame your entire garden landscape. Playing and experimenting with a variety of different plant forms can help you create a garden that is full of character and life.

Choose an Outdoor Garden Design Feature

Whether your garden is big or small, there is always room for additional outdoor features, including water fountains, sheds and garden furniture such as chairs and tables for guests. Having outdoor garden design features can stand as the focal point of your garden.

They can also be representative of your personality and style and showcase your hobbies and interests, whether that is socialising with others, nesting quietly in a corner to read a book, or nurturing and enticing local wildlife into your garden landscape.

Adopting a new garden bench or water feature, laying down new pathways or having a new garden trellis, fence or gate can all serve practical uses as well as complimenting your garden personality and style. An outdoor garden feature will enable you to create borders and shelter, nurture wildlife, and encourage you to spend more time in the garden doing the things you love.

Compass Garden & Landscape Design

If you are looking to give your garden the ultimate makeover, you’ll be pleased to know that we design stylish and beautiful gardens of all sizes across the region. Our recent landscape design projects have included a new-build garden in Wiltshire, a formal courtyard garden near the centre of Bath, a Mediterranean garden in Bradford on Avon and a medium-sized garden in Bristol.

As well as designing gardens and helping you to source contractors, we also offer planting consultancy and supply services. To find out more about Compass Garden & Landscape Design, follow the link.