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Fire Pit Reviews: The Solo Stove

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The Solo Stove represents a new generation of fire pit which has been designed for portability and burning efficiency. Lightweight and simple to use, the main unit sits on the separate base – which never gets hot – and contains a removable ash plate within (not that this often requires emptying as the fire burns so efficiently very little ash remains afterwards).

The key feature is the Signature 360 Airflow system; vent holes at the top and bottom of the unit lead into a hidden internal wall: this vents oxygen around the fire allowing for a ‘double burn’ of uncombusted particulates at the top end of the flame – thus preventing smoke and creating a high burning efficiency – and lots and lots of lovely heat!

We’ve found it takes around 15-20 minutes with a good stack of wood for the pit to reach prime temperature and to become smokeless; so make sure you are getting it lit slightly in advance of taking your positions around the fire. Once going, keep a good stack of wood handy as this guy is hungry for fuel!

The unit comes with an easy-to-use cover and portable carrying bags are also available so you can bring the pit with you easily on your next outdoor adventure. It is available in a compact version and a number of accessories are also available including a pizza oven converter. 

Fire pit
Fire pit