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Creating a Buzz: A Guide to a Bee-Friendly Bristol Garden

Bristol is thriving, and we can all contribute! Bees play an important role in pollinating our plants and providing us with delicious food. However, bee populations are declining. Fortunately, creating a bee-friendly haven in your Bristol garden is easier than you might think!

Bee-Loved Bristol Blooms:

Bees have preferences, so fill your garden with these Bristol-approved beauties:

Early Risers: Primroses, lungwort, and forget-me-nots provide a welcome feast for newly emerged bees.

Summer Sensations: Lavender, borage, and catmint provide a colourful buffet during the warmer months.

Autumnal Allure: Sedum, ivy and dahlias continue to produce nectar well into the autumn.

Beyond Blooms: Create a Bee Paradise

It’s not all about flowers! Here’s how to turn your Bristol garden into a bee haven:

Think Shelter: Plant trees and shrubs to provide windbreak and nesting areas.

Leave the lawns. Wild: Allow a small patch of wildflowers to bloom, providing a bee buffet and a haven for other pollinators.

Water, Water Everywhere: Place shallow dishes filled with pebbles for bees to drink safely.

Bristol Buzz: Join the Movement

You are not alone! Here are some ways to connect with the Bristol beekeeping community:

Bristol’s Pollinator Strategy: Learn about local initiatives and how you can help.

Bristol Beekeepers’ Association: Connect with other bee enthusiasts and learn about beekeeping opportunities (link to Bristol Beekeepers Association website).

We can work together to create a thriving Bristol for bees and a flourishing garden for you!

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