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How to Choose Stylish Garden Boundaries for Your Landscape Design

Beautiful boundaries are an essential part of a garden and contribute to its overall style and character. Hedges, walls and fences of course provide privacy and keep out intruders, but it is also important for them to be attractive in their own right.

Compass Garden & Landscape Design has created many inspiring garden designs in Bath, Wiltshire and across the South West. When drawing up a design, we will consider your existing boundaries, as well as whether and how they should be changed and enhanced.

As well as looking at the garden perimeter, we can also make suggestions how to use boundaries within your garden’s landscaping, perhaps to screen off particular areas or create zones. Options could include garden trellis, hedges or archways.

Hedges – the Greenest Boundaries

A well-kept hedge will look great and is undoubtedly the greenest type of garden boundary, in every sense. Hedges will give structure to your garden, attract birds and other wildlife, and can grow quite quickly, although they may take several years to reach their full size. Semi-mature plants may be an option to consider if you want the luxury of an “instant” hedge.

However, hedges are not right for everyone – for instance, if you only have a narrow garden, you need to bear in mind that a mature hedge is likely to be about 4ft wide.

The style of hedge also needs to be considered. Is a more formal, clipped look right for you? If so, there are many different types of plant to consider, including evergreens, such as yew and box, or deciduous such as beech or hornbeam.

Or would you prefer a more informal one? If so, a mix of species could be the answer, such as hazel, hawthorn, dog rose and blackthorn. We can also advise you on which hedge plants are likely to grow well in your garden, bearing in mind the soil type and other conditions.

Autumn is usually the best time of year to plant a hedge, and it is best to avoid planting when the ground is frozen or waterlogged. The hedge will need care as it grows, including watering during dry weather and keeping the nearby ground free of weeds, as well as pruning.

Stylish Fences for Privacy and Security

Choosing the right style of fence for your garden depends not only on your personal taste, but also on your reasons for wanting a fence. If you are concerned about privacy, a fence with little space between the boards could be the answer, while height is important for security.

Fences with gaps are better if you want to allow in more light and air. If there is a lot of wind in your area, you may also prefer a type of fence panel that is designed to allow wind to pass through.

Materials can vary depending on the style of your garden – for instance, rustic-looking fences with willow panels will give the ideal finishing touch to a country garden.

Traditional Garden Walls and Gates

Garden walls are a traditional garden element which has been popular for centuries, and can add to the historic feel of an older garden, whether they are constructed from red brick or stone. They tend to need relatively little maintenance compared to fences. Both fences and walls can provide a great background for climbing plants, with the use of trelliswork.

Garden gates are equally important to a garden’s style, and can range from solid wood to ornate metalwork. It is possible to choose a gate to match your fence or wall or provide a creative contrast.

A combination of different boundaries may often be the best answer – for instance, you could combine fencing and hedges. We will discuss with you which types of boundary will work best in your particular outdoor space.

Compass Garden & Landscape Design

Creating beautiful garden boundaries is just one part of the service from Compass Garden & Landscape Design. We can work with you to create a whole garden design from start to finish, surveying your garden and drawing up a full plan, before helping you to find contractors from our approved list to do the work. We cover a wide area, including Bath, Wiltshire, Somerset and across the South West.

As well as garden design, we also offer a garden maintenance service. If your garden currently has overgrown hedges or walls and fences which are not in good condition, we can suggest the best solutions and offer maintenance, either as a one-off or on an ongoing basis. To find out more, <href=”/contact/”>contact us to arrange a consultation.